What is the Traffic Fortune system?
Traffic Fortune is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Frank Parker.  Through the implementation of his course, Frank claims that he will teach the beginner marketer the 4-step method that he uses to generate up to $4,000 per week by uploading what he calls a “vvx” to a very specific website in conjunction with affiliate marketing.  He says that you don’t need a website or to use paid traffic or any of the traditional methods for getting traffic and that you can see results in a couple hours after implementation.  Traffic Fortune is basically about uploading other peoples’ videos that have gone viral to your Facebook account and promoting affiliate products in them.

Is the Traffic Fortune system a scam?
Unfortunately, Traffic Fortune is a scam.  Perhaps the biggest problem with this course (aside from the moral issue) is that fact that you have to overcome copyright issues on the videos that you upload.  They even make you aware of this in the course as Facebook provides you with warnings when in attempt to upload videos that have copyright claims attached to them.  This could get your account shut down.  Another problem with the model that Traffic Fortune teaches is that people use Facebook for entertainment purposes and aren’t in “buying mode,” and many of videos that go viral don’t even have related products that you can monetize.  Finally, the member’s area is filled with up-sells — even when they send you an e-mail with details so that you can access the product!

My Personal Recommendation
Rather than investing your time and what little money you do have into a flawed program that could get you into a lot trouble and one that’s designed to drain your bank account with nothing to show for it like Frank Parker’s Traffic Fortune, I suggest you to take a look at Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown.  It’s a comprehensive course (updated for 2015) that shows you how to generate fast, residual income using a sustainable business model (mostly used for promoting hot trends and product launches in a variety of niches and such).  Most importantly, it’s taught by a real-life, ethical marketer that does what he teaches and guides you through the course with real examples.   Click the link below for more.

Learn More About Google Sniper 3.0 Here