Tom Shepard Click For Commissions Review – Is It a Scam

What is Click For Commissions software?

Click For Commissions is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software course by Tom Shepard.  With his Click For Commissions program, Tom claims that he can teach the newbie marketer with zero skills how to generate tens of thousands of dollars within a 30-day period by tapping into the same secret “cash grenades” that the top 10 super affiliates use to plunder the Clickbank marketplace on a daily basis on autopilot.  All you have to do is activate the software on cash console, put in some necessary information — including what he calls “the ghost code” and hit “start.”    Mr. Shepard goes on to say that Click For Commissions across a variety of affiliate networks and doesn’t require Google, social media, or paid traffic.  In reality, it’s a website builder.

Is Click For Commissions software a scam?

Click For Commissions software is a scam.  There are several reasons for this.  The main part of the software is what’s called a content scraper.  This means that it gathers already-published content and delivers it to your site.  This practice has been “outlawed” by the search engines, and they punish you by not allowing your site to get ranked.  Even worse is that Tom doesn’t teach you any alternative.  Without content, you can’t make any money.  There are also totally free sites you can use to preform other tasks the software does (like keyword research).  Furthermore, you don’t learn any legitimate ways of getting traffic.  The most obvious sign that Click For Commissions software is a scam is that Tom even tells you on the sales page that “push-button” software doesn’t work — exactly what he is telling you to buy!

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of throwing away your hard-earned money on Tom Shepard’s Click For Commissions — an outdated program that he admits won’t bring you to results you’re hoping to achieve, I recommend you check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s an comprehensive and up-to-date course that teaches you how to legitimately generate long-term, residual affiliate commissions that you can use to pay your bills and put cash in your pocket — no crappy software.  The latter months of the year (Fall through the new year) are the most profitable for marketers (because of back-to-school time, the holidays).  Learn to  profit from them and look forward to them rather than dreading them.

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