Quick Click Commissions System Review – Is It a Scam

What is Quick Click Commissions system?

Quick Click Commissions is an internet marketing training and software program.  Although the presenter on the sales page doesn’t properly introduce herself, a guy by the name of Mike Auton is the real face behind Quick Click Commissions.  As claimed on the sales page, the budding online entrepreneur — with no prior knowledge, experience and at no costs — can learn to generate thousands of dollars per day within a couple months time by working just 12 minutes a day, 3 times a week with a simple piece of code.  This is all thanks to what is called “the new Google.”  Basically, Quick Click Commissions is about using Facebook Notes to get ranked in the search engines (where the most highly-targeted and converting traffic comes from) and doing affiliate marketing.

Is Quick Click Commissions system a scam?

I regret to inform you that Quick Click Commissions system is scam.  The technique that Quick Click Commissions teaches has been tested and is fundamentally-flawed because it flat out does not work — Facebook notes don’t get ranked in the search engines.  Even if they did, the content that the software spits out is very broad in nature and won’t convert into sales.  Everyone that uses it gets the same content.  All the software does is change the product name — high chance for saturation, duplicate content = poor rankings.  Moreover, Quick Click Commissions doesn’t teach any skills you need to make real money.  Lastly, the testimonials are fake.  At least one of the guys was found to be a paid actor on a popular outsourcing site looking for work.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting your trust into Mike Auton’s Quick Click Commissions software program that, at it’s core, is systematically-designed for you to fail and leave you with nothing to show for it, I recommend you take a look at Work From No Home by Peng Joon — where you are taught legitimate model based on sound practices (make money in a month or less from trending topics and product launches) and are provided with top-notch training and support.  More importantly, you are taught by a real-life marketer who brings his years of experience to the table a provides live examples.  Click the link below for more.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Click Commissions System Review – Is It a Scam

  1. some guy gave me a link to quick click commissions and it is worthless! i can’t believe people are actually buying it!

  2. I know. It really does suck. I think the only reason people are buying it is because of those fake testimonials. If you pay close enough attention, though. You will notice that all of the people who give the testimonials have American accents, but then primary account the earnings are shown in British pounds (since the real guy is from the U.K.) They are just good actors.


  3. I was interested to purchase the product of ‘Quick Click Commission’software.Before purchase I tried to contact directly with Mike or Jessica by mail.But my all initiatives have been failed.They have only one email address is support@quickclickupdates.com which replies automated acknowledgment but no answer to any questions.other email addresses are fake.(bonus@quickclickcommissionsx.com & admin@quick-click-commissions.com)They dont give no phone no.No customer care service.No live chat service.No Phone no.They say it is 100% money back program if it does not work.But how is it possible whereas no possible way to contact with them?So,I am sure they are great cyber cheat and its a scam.All biased reviews available online in favor of this product are paid.You may have noticed that any review against this product will be reviewed and declined to publish.I advise everybody not to purchase this product out of greed without contacting with them by email.Otherwise,you must be and cheated,must be.To warn everybody I am going to publish a Press Release on the web ASAP as well as post on google/news.

  4. Hey, Naazmul. You’re right. Quick Click Commissions sucks. I wrote a blog post that details how to get a Clickbank refund (click link). You have 60 days from the date of purchase to get a refund. I don’t even think it’s been out that long so you still have time.


  5. TO ALL: if there is absolutly no way to contact them and ask them questions about our investment even if it is only ONE DOLLAR, THEN TOTALLY TOTALLY FORGET IT, GET REAL!!! How about all of us easily led peons let them know that we have seen all this before. Everyday we see new ones all telling us how everyone else’s program is a scam. How can anyone buy,beleive, trust or have confidence in that, you can make “TRILLIONS”HAHA


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