Phil Hutchinson Magnetic Commissions Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Magnetic Commissions system?

Magnetic Commissions is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Phillip Hutchinson and Desmond Ong – the real mastermind behind the course.  Through the application of his Magnetic Commissions program and its associated software, Phillip claims that he can teach the complete newbie marketer how to generate up to $8,000 per day by simply setting up the system, uploading the Magnetic Commissions kit to a website of your choosing, and watch the money come rolling in.  Mr. Hutchinson goes on to say that his program uses a free technique, doesn’t require a website, getting traffic, and such.  In actuality, the course is about promoting a particular company that the creators have a vested interest in.

Is the Magnetic Commissions system a scam?

Magnetic Commissions is a scam.  The overall problem with Magnetic Commissions is that while Phillip wants to you to set up a blog and get ranked in the search engines to promote the company that they are associated with, his course doesn’t really bother to teach you to skills you need in order to do this.  Instead, they just point you to one up-sell after another (more money out of your pocket).  With that said, there are one or two times where they teach you do to the wrong thing (encourage the thousands of people that will ultimately buy this course to use the same, recycled content – duplicate content is a big “no, no” for the search engines), so that you’re unable to see success and way more likely to purchase the “coaching” up-sell.

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of putting your hard-earned money into such a low-quality product like Phil Hutchinson’s Magnetic Commissions that intentionally leads you down the path of failure in the hopes that you’ll keep coming back and looking for solutions that he doesn’t plan on giving you while leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts, I recommend you check out Affiloblueprint 3.0 by Mark Ling — one the most comprehensive and up-to-date program for teaching a single business model (learn to generate $1,000+ in residual income in 12 weeks or less blogging).  Most importantly, you’re instructed by a real stand-up guy known for doing what he teaches and guiding via real-life examples and providing top-notch support.  Click the link below for more.

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