Andrew Wallace Auto Traffic Monopoly Review – Is It a Scam

What is Auto Traffic Monopoly software?

Auto Traffic Monopoly is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Andrew Wallace.  With his software program, Andrew claims that he can teach the complete newbie — with no technical knowledge — how to rank in as much as 14,000 a day in affiliate commissions (selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission on each sale made) using Clickbank.  He also claims that his Auto Traffic Monopoly system is full proof and totally unique and doesn’t require a website or long hours using the tired, old methods like paid advertising, social media, article writing and so on.  Basically, it’s about doing affiliate marketing with free sites.

Is Auto Traffic Monopoly software a scam?

Unfortunately, Auto Traffic Monopoly software is a scam.  Not only does it recommend using outdated and obsolete tactics for getting ranked and traffic (link wheels are bad news, it’s why video earnings proof is from 2010) due to the latest Google algorithm changes, but it has a number of other issues as well.  Andrew also doesn’t teach you how to write unique, quality content that will get you ranked in the search engines — a necessity for making money online or even how to set up your own blog on your own domain.  Content is where the value comes from online.  Without control over it, you have no business.  Free sites (like the ones recommended in this course) don’t even let you put your affiliate links directly on them anymore.  You need your own domain.

.My Personal Recommendation

Rather than investing your hard-earned money into a lousy program like Andrew Wallace’s Auto Traffic Monopoly software program that uses outdated techniques and is filled with so  little content that you have no hope of  achieving the results you desire, I recommend you check out Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  Unlike Auto Traffic Monopoly, Unstoppable affiliate is an up-to-date, step-by-step program filled to the brim with quality (video and written) content that will teach you how to make real money online and is taught by two guys who do what they teach and provide top-notch customer service.  Click the link below to kick start your online journey.

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