Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack Review – Is It a Scam

What is Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack a collection of “customizable” websites and related materials created by famed internet marketer Mark Ling (Affiloblueprint).   Affilojetpack is specifically designed for those who are looking to take their income to the next level via the creation of a website (blog) on the WordPress Platform but lack the technical skills to do so.  With popular, free sites cracking down on the types of products you can promote and removing lenses they deem “unfit” and messing with your bottom line, having your own self-hosted website with content you control is more important than ever.

Is Affilojetpack a scam?

Affilojetpack system is not a scam by any means.  Mark Ling is one of the most well-known and respected marketers in the industry and has been making a full-time living online since 1999 and worked his way from the bottom up.  You don’t build a reputation like his and become as successful as he has by producing crap.  Furthermore, you only need to look at the superior quality of his previous works   (Affiloblueprint/Affilorama) to know that he is not in the business of trying to get over on people for the sake of making a buck. He’s all about providing you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to reach your goals.

How does Affilojetpack work?

Here is a break down of everything you get with the Affilojetpack system:

*Choice of 5 out of 10 profitable niche markets to go into

*Customizable Affilojetpack WordPress theme

*”One-Click'”installation of the Affilojetpack WordPress theme

*Free web hosting for a year (everything is transferable once your year is up)

*30 quality articles  you can re-work and add to your site

*90 quality newsletters (1 year worth) part of auto responder for list building

*3 e-books that can be used as bonuses for people joining your list

*Traffic generation methods

*Professionally-designed header graphics

If you tired of using free sites like Squidoo and living in constant fear of having your content removed and consequently watching your all your hard work and money go down the drain, having your own website (blog) is the only way to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.  With Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack, you can easily create your own website and put your fears to rest for good.  Affilojetpack is not a scam and even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  I hope this Affilojetpack review enables you to make an informed decision and invite you to click the link below to get Affilojetpack system.

Get Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack System Here

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