Blake Matthews Commission Cash Code Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Commission Cash Code system?

Commission Cash Code is a video-internet marketing training and software program by Blake Matthews.  With his system, Blake claims that he can teach the regular person — one with little to no experience in making money online or technical savvy — thousands of dollars a day (and eventually millions) in commissions on autopilot via affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products and/or services and earning a commission for every sale) just by making the most of Facebook’s 900 millions users.  In a nut shell, Commission Cash Code is a WordPress plugin that enables you to post offers on people’s Facebook walls as well as capture the e-mail address associated with the account so that you can promote stuff to them.

Is the Commission Cash Code system a scam?

Commission Cash Code is a scam.  The first thing Blake fails to mention about his system is that you need to have an existing website in order for the plugin the even work!  The other problem is that even though Facebook has a lot of members and gets a lot of traffic, the traffic you get from it doesn’t very often doesn’t convert into affiliate commissions (sales).  This is because the traffic is not targeted.  In other words, people use Facebook in order to socialize and play games.  They are not in the fame of mind to buy stuff.  In addition, constantly spamming people’s Facebook walls with offers to buy stuff that they aren’t even interested in could also get you in hot water with Facebook.  Commission Cash Code is also filled with up-sells to squeeze more money out of you.  Customer support is non-existent (after weeks of trying).

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of investing what cash you have into Blake Matthews’ Commission Cash Code — a system specifically designed to target the unsuspecting newbie marketer into using scammy practices that will not only get you in more trouble than you care to be in but won’t allow you to see the results you’re hoping for, I recommend you check out Google Sniper 3 (new for 2015) by George Brown.  It’s a quality product that teaches you how to generate real affiliate commissions ASAP — without all the lies, hype, and b.s (about making money from emerging products and hot trends).   Most importantly, it’s taught by someone who puts into practice what he preaches by showing you live examples and provides good customer support.  Click the link below to learn more.

Read More About Google Sniper 3 Here

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