What is the Commission Hack system?

Commission Hack is a video-oriented and internet marketing training program by a girl named “Taylor,” although, two guys by the names of Andrew X and Steven Johnson are the ones actually behind the product.  With Commission Hack, they claim to be able to teach anyone how to generate thousands of dollars a day and beyond on a  just by picking a market to hack into and applying three underground hack steps to take control of it, which will allow you to  see your profits soar and produce non-stop commissions — all while working only 20 minutes a day.  They also claim that Commission Hack doesn’t require market research, a website, social media or paid advertising.  In reality, however, it’s about making money with WordPress and blogging.

Is the Commission Hack system a scam?

Unfortunately, Commission Hack is a scam and has huge problems.  There are core ideas from the process that are simply left out from the program such as finding lucrative markets to go into, how to go about keyword research, how to get quality content or traffic to your site and so on. They also suggest using methods that are obsolete nowadays and will cause your site to be penalized like “acquiring” (stealing) already-published content and putting it on your site.  It gets worse.  Andrew X and Steven were so lazy that there is very little training material.  They took videos from a product they previously released and that’s not allowed on Clickbank and put them in the member’s area (name of the old product is still in the videos)!  I lost count at the number of up-sells.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than waste what money you have on Andrew X and Steven Johnson’s Commission Hack system: a poorly-constructed program that uses outdated techniques and designed to do nothing more than take your money, I recommend you check out Unstoppable Affiliate — a  comprehensive program that focuses on skill building (no crappy software) by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton  where you learn proven, up-to-date tactics you can use to generate real affiliate commissions on a consistent basis that you can use to pay your very real bills and are taught by two real people with great reps that do what they teach and don’t hide behind paid actors.  Click the link below to learn more about what Unstoppable Affiliate can do for you.

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