Matt Keenan Auto Wealth Maker Software Review – Is It a Scam

What is Auto Wealth Maker software?

Auto Wealth Maker is a software and internet marketing training program by Matt Keenan (with Eric Rockefeller).  With his Auto Wealth Maker software and program Matt claims to have banked more than one million dollars in 3 months, and claims that he can teach you how to set up your own “cash machines” in as few as 8 minutes and 12 clicks by making use of free traffic by learning how to pump out niche sites (sites that focus on a theme like weight loss, making money, and so on and usually contain product reviews and articles relating to the topic of your choice) promoting both physical and digital products so that you can achieve the same results.  You also don’t need any prior internet marketing knowledge, be a techie, have an already existing website, product, or list to make it work for you.

Is Auto Wealth Maker software a scam?

Unfortunately, Auto Wealth Maker software is a scam and has people asking for refunds faster than it took them to download the actual software.  Although the overall method of using niche sites to get free traffic and promoting other people’s products is a very sound way to make money online (this blog is a living example of it), the sales page and product are very misleading.  First, the likelihood of you pulling in a million bucks in the next 3 months is highly unlikely.  Secondly and most importantly, you have to purchase “credits” on a continual basis to use this software!  It’s just a way to get more money out of you.  Also, the number of sites you can create are limited, and the course leaves much to be desire when it comes to traffic methods.  Without it, you won’t make money.

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of wasting your 0 on Matt Keenan’s Auto Wealth Maker, I recommend you check out Google Sniper 3 (New for 2015) by George Brown.  With it, you learn a legitimate, long-term method for generating cash quickly (making money with product launches and hot trends) that’s not only great for the holiday season but also works all year long within any profitable niche, and there’s no crappy software!  Most importantly, you’re taught through the use of live examples and by someone who actually does what he teaches.  Click the link below to learn more about what  Google Sniper can do for you.

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2 thoughts on “Matt Keenan Auto Wealth Maker Software Review – Is It a Scam

  1. OMG – an honest review. Be still my heart.

    Thank you – this is so refreshing. I can hardly believe it. I’ll be a fan forever.

  2. I’ve been making my money online for some time now and every so often I check out the latest scams out there. Thanks for hipping me to the latest one I’ll let my followers know about it

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