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What is JV Attraction Formula?

JV Attraction Formula is a video-oriented/live webinar internet marketing training program by Andy Hussong.  JV Attraction formula seeks the solve perhaps the biggest problem that product creators face–getting both JVP’s (Joint Venture Partners) and affiliates to promote their stuff.  The fact of the matter is that there are 100’s of products released on a monthly basis in the more competitive markets out there (just check out Clickbank), and very few of the them see the light of day.  If you want to be successful product creator and reap all it’s benefits, you need JVP’s and affiliates.

Is JV Attraction Formula a scam?

JV Attraction Formula is not a scam or anything of that nature.  Andy Hussong was a JV manager for the one and only John Resse (known to be the first internet marketer to do $1 million in sales in 18 hours) for 5+years.  Andy has learned from the best and really knows his stuff.  More importantly, both the high quality of JV attraction formula and his teaching style reflect his years of experience.  Beyond that, you only need to look in the past at his previous work to know he is the real deal and not in the business of taking your money and run.

How does JV Attraction Formula work?

JV Attraction Formula is a 4-week training program.  In addition, there will be weekly Q&A sessions every Friday where you can ask all the questions you need to about that week’s training.  Furthermore, you will also have access to the special JV Attraction Formula software, which is worth the price of the course as well as transcripts for those of you who prefer to read.  There are also audio replays of the sessions you can carry on the go,  interviews, checklist and PowerPoint slides to keep organized and more.  Here is  brief overview of the kinds of things you learn within Andy Hussong’s JV Attraction Formula:

*How to attract Joint Venture Partners

*How to motivate your affiliates to follow through and promote

*How to set up the “JV Attraction Funnel (a.k.a affiliate program)”

*How to create long-lasting relationships with your affiliates

*How to get the most out of a your product launch

*How to hire and pay your affiliate manager

*How to manage your affiliate program…and more

Lots of marketers create their own products in the hopes of joining the internet marketing elite.  Sadly, the vast majority of them fail and end up with nothing but empty wallets or purses because they don’t know how to get people to promote their stuff.  If you don’t want to be one of them, you need to learn how to attract jv’s and affiliates.  Andy Hussog’s JV Attraction Formula teaches you how to do this and more.  His JV Attraction Formula is not a scam and comes with a 30 money back guarantee. I hope you have found this JV Attraction Formula review enlightening and invite you to click the link below where you can get JV Attraction Formula.

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