Anthony Morrison Fast Cash Commissions Review – Is It a Scam

What is Fast Cash Commissions software?

Fast Cash Commissions is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Anthony Morrison, author of Automated Profits From Home, Advertising Profits From Home and more.  With his Fast Cash Commissions software program, Anthony claims that he can teach you, the budding online marketer with little to no experience, how to generate large sums of fast cash on a regular basis, in just a few months — without the need for using traditional tactics to make money online.   Despite of what Anthony tells you on the sales page, Fast Cash Commissions software and training is based on making money with a niche site or blog — how to make money on “autopilot” or “while you sleep” and all that good stuff.

Is Fast Cash Commissions software a scam?

Unfortunately, Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions software is a scam, but it’s not because of the methodology (a very real and popular method for those looking to start out online).  It’s because of how the course is taught.  First, you should know that Antony Morrison doesn’t even teach the course, which makes me question about much he actually knows.  Secondly, there are crucial components of the overall internet marketing process that are missing such as the proper way to find profitable niche.  Your niche determines the products you sell, so without it, you don’t stand a chance.  Also, you don’t learn how to get free traffic from the search engines.  Without targeted traffic, you won’t make any money.  The course is incomplete, very unorganized and confusing with far too many up-sells.

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of investing your hard-earn money in Anthony Morrison’s Fast Cash Commissions software — an incomplete full of holes specifically designed to take advantage of the unsuspecting newbie and get as much money out of you as he possible can, I recommend that you check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  Unlike Fast Cash Commissions, Work From No Home is a full, comprehensive guide that focuses on a mode for generating real affiliate commissions as quickly as possible (make money from product launches and hot trends in 30 days or less) and is actually taught by someone who “walks the walk” and makes his living as internet marketer (outside of IM) — not by selling crap to unsuspecting newbies.  Click the link below to learn more.

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