Jamie Lewis Magnum Commissions System Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Magnum Commissions system?
Magnum Commissions is a video-oriented internet marketing training course and coaching program by Jamie Lewis (and his project partner Andrew X).  Though the use of his course and the 8 weeks of training he says he’ll provide to you,  Jamie claims that he can teach anyone — regardless of skill level — how they can generate a minimum of $20,000 per month by creating niche websites in order to sell your own product (be a product creator).  He will provide you with everything you need such as the sales copy for your sales page, the actual digital-info product, and more.  Mr. Lewis goes on to claim that his course will work with any processor that you want.  Finally, the main Magnum Commissions course comes with one niche site and the associated content.

Is the Magnum Commissions system a scam?
Yeah, the Magnum Commissions system is a scam.  The first MAJOR issue I had with Magnum Commissions is that while Jamie says He’ll provide you with a niche product and everything you need, but there isn’t one!  Instead, when you click on the “campaigns” tab, it takes you directly to the upgrade that you skipped over when originally purchasing the product!  Another big problem I had is the fact that you don’t learn how to get what we call Joint Venture Partners/affiliates (people in your niche with large e-mail list in order to generate buzz) — a necessity for a successful launch.  Also, his instructions are very broad and vague.  He doesn’t actually carry you step-by-step through anything!  The “webinars” are just a way for him to sell more products and get more of your money.

My Personal Recommendation
Instead of throwing your money down the drain on a garbage product like Jamie Lewis’ Magnum Commissions that doesn’t come close to delivering anything it promises, I suggest that you have a look at Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a comprehensive program taught by an honest marketer that was designed with the novice marketer in mind and focuses on one of the simplest and most sound business models for earning genuine affiliate commissions for the long-term (generate cash from emerging products and trending topics in about 30 days).  This models works year around and in any profitable niche market.  Best of all, you are taken through the system using live examples.  Click the link below for more information.

Find Out More About Work From No Home Here

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