What is Get Commissions For Free software?

Get Commissions For Free is a video-oriented internet marketing and training program presented by a guy named Jamie.  With his Get Commissions For Free training and its accompanying software, Jamie claims that he can teach anyone — without the need for technical experience, special skills or coaching — how you can generate more than $5,500 per day by working just 3 minutes a day.  He goes on to say that once you get it up and running, it’s 100% “hands free” and that it works on multiple networks — from Clickbank to Amazon.  The secret he talks about is making money with “squeeze pages” — think a big opt-in form (upper, right corner of this blog) that takes up the whole page — allows you to collect names and e-mails so you can promote to them.

Is Get Commissions For Free software a scam?

Get Commissions For Free is a scam for a couple of reasons.  First (and most important), Jamie doesn’t teach you how to drive traffic to these squeeze pages.  In order to learn how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages, you have to purchase a nearly $200 up-sell!  Call me crazy, but I believe that when you purchase a product, it should teach you how to make the money it claims — without having to purchase the up-sells!  Also, since Squeeze pages don’t get ranked in the search engines or anything like that, you have no way of making money with them at all.  Second, you only get a limited number of them (3) is very specific niches.  If you don’t want to work in those niches, you’re out of luck.  The only people making money with Get Commissions For Free are those promoting it.

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of investing your hard-earned money into a product like Jamie’s Get Commissions For Free software program — one that won’t allow you to see the returns you’re hoping for, I recommend you check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a comprehensive guide that teaches a sound, long-term methodology (making money from product launches & hot trends in 30 days or less, really good to use for the holidays), is taught by a real person (with a first and last name 🙂 ) who actually “walks the walk” as we say — has real-life experience and teaches via live example.  Click the link below to learn more.

Find Out More About Work From No Home Here