What is the Last Goldmine System?
The Last Goldmine is an internet marketing training and software program by Jamie Lewis.  Through the use and implementation of his course, he claims that he can teach anyone how to make more than $10,000+ a month on autopilot and using free traffic.  He says that once you activate the The Last Goldmine program, it will tap into a ton of sub-markets on the net.  Your page will generate traffic and that traffic into commissions that add up day after day.  Mr. Lewis also claims that he will also coach you for 4 weeks, or he will do it for you for free in order to achieve said success.  You don’t need a company, employees, or any big expenses to make this program work.  You also have the option of using any processor you want.

Is The Last Goldmine system a scam?
Unfortunately, The Last Goldmine system is a scam.  Jamie is all talk — literally.  He sits in a chair and talks to you about basic ideas that anyone looking to make money online already knows about, but he doesn’t actually show you how to do anything or teach a definitive business model (i.e. like blogging or website flipping that he says he makes so much money with) — no step-by-step anything.  Five out of 7 tabs are to promote upgrades.  The “bonus” video serves the same purpose. These are in addition to all of the header and footer banners all over the place.  There’s also an e-book, but it’s nothing but shameless, self-promotion, where he talks about how awesome he is as a marketer — very irritating given how much he scams people out of money.  Stay far away!

My Personal Recommendation
Instead of putting your trust in a narcissistic, unethical marketer like Jamie Lewis and a product like The Last Goldmine program — cleverly-designed to get you to fork over as much money as possible and to be used to shamelessly promote himself while simultaneously providing little to no value, I suggest you take a look at Google Sniper 3.0 (new for 2015) by George Brown.  It’s a comprehensive guide that teaches a genuine business model for generating long-term wealth (making money from product launches and trending topics ASAP — works all year long and in any profitable niche).  Most importantly, you’re being taught by an honest marketer that has a good reputation in the industry and teaches by examples.  Click the link below to learn more.

Get More Details on Google Sniper 3 Here