Sam Benjamin Commission Takers Review – Is It a Scam

What is Commission Takers Software?

Commission Takers is a software and video-oriented internet marketing training program by Sam Benjamin (along with Steven Johnson).  With this special “one click” software and training system, Sam claims to be able to teach the newbie or struggling internet marketer how he or she can bank tens of thousands of dollars per week by learning to create small, niche websites by the masses– outside of the “make money” niche and without having your own products to sell.  One of  the most challenging things for a marketer to do is to find a profitable niche market to go into (weight loss, dating, pets, learn Spanish…), which determines what kinds of products you are going to sell.  This is why, as Sam claims, that he has done all the leg work.  All you to do is start up the software, and input your Clickbank ID (or other affiliate link).

Is Commission Takers software a scam?

Regretfully, Sam Benjamin’s Commission Takers software is a scam.  This is true for a several reasons.  Firstly, the Commission Takers system is missing content.  More specifically, the Commission Takers software that is supposed to be so revolutionary doesn’t exist–there’s no software in the member’s area!  Even worse is that Commission Takers is supposed to come with videos, but there are only a total a 2 videos in the member’s area!  Sam Benjamin doesn’t provide you with  enough information to make his software and system work for you–even if you followed everything he told you to do.  He doesn’t teach you how to fully set up your site, how to write content or have it outsourced, or how to get ranked so you can get free traffic!  It’s an absolutely horrible product–stay away!

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of wasting what little money you do have on Sam Benjamin’s crappy Commission Takers software that does nothing more than make a bunch of make believe promises of untold, overnight success and waste time you can’t get back, I encourage you to learn how to make money online the right way–no lies, gimmicks, or crappy software programs–and in perhaps less time than you think.  For this, I recommend Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  The truth about making real money online is that when you have a solid plan of action and learn from people who practice what they preach, it’s easier than you might think.  It’s gonna take some work on your part, but once you lay the  proper foundation, it’s all about replicating your success.  Click the link below to learn more about what Unstoppable Affiliate can do for you.

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