Philip Mansour Free Money Formula Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Free Money Formula?

Free Money Formula is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Philip Mansour.  The main technique that Philip uses doesn’t have a name, so I will have to describe it.  Basically, it’s a combination of article marketing and CPA marketing.  You write say a 400-word article (can use PLR – see bottom or outsource) promoting a CPA offer where the reader inputs info like his or her name and e-mail to get more info.  You publish this to certain sites.  Other marketers who use your  article are required to keep your links intact.  Your article spreads like a viral Youtube video getting tons of free traffic with no more work required by you.  It’s perfect for newbies because you don’t need a website or make a sale in order to make money being that it uses CPA marketing.

Is the Free Money Formula a scam?

Regrettably, Philp Mansour’s Free Money Formula is a scam.  Here’s why.  Your success with the Free Money Formula hindges on the fact that the associated software functions properly.  It doesn’t.  More specifically, the article spinner that allows you to take an article and spin it to generate a unique one does nothing more than duplicate the article that you have already written.  Furthermore, the Free Money Formula software comes with its own problem.  The software is supposed to blast your content to high-ranking sites so that it will be seen and thus bring in traffic, which is key to making money online.  However, the “submit” button on the software doesn’t work, rendering it useless.  Also, the customer service for the Free Money Formula sucks.  Philip nor his staff responds to complaints.  I tried on several occasions but got no response back.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than throwing your hard-earned money down the drain on Philip Mansour’s Free Money Formula, I highly encourage you to check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a quality internet marketing training program in which you learn to make money from product launches and hot trends in 30 days or less.  This business model is not only standard for making money online but great for the holidays.  Most importantly, you will be learning from live examples and a real-life marketer who does what he teaches and provides really good customer service.  Click the link below to learn more.

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25 thoughts on “Philip Mansour Free Money Formula Review – Is It a Scam

  1. Hi folks! I´m interested in this FMF but have some doubts. It´ll help me to sell products on Clickbank? Or over all Network? What kind of produts can I sell?
    Or I will sell Philip´s produts so that he pays me commition?
    Or I won´t need to sell anything and didn´t understand what FMF is for real?

  2. Hi, Lucas. Let me clear some things up for you. Although you can use Philip’s Free Money Formula to promote Clickbank products, he uses something called CPA marketing. CPA or Cost-Per-Action marketing is where you get paid whenever someone inputs information like their name, e-mail address, zip code and things of this nature. It does not require that you actually sell anything. The reason the advertiser is willing to pay you is because whenever someone provides their information for a product you are promoting, you are helping the merchant build their e-mail list.

    Once a potential customer has joined the advertiser’s e-mail list, they can promote products to the customer similar products to the customer over and over again. If the advertiser offers quality stuff and the customer buys from them once, there is a good chance they will buy from them again. That’s why you will often hear the phrase “the money is in the list.” This same concept is used in the offline world as well. With the Free Money Formula, Philip encourages you to promote products from various markets.

  3. Hi Joe! Thank you very much! Your explanation was very clear!
    But there are two more things that I need to know before start this busines:

    1-The fact that I´m from Brazil can cause some kind of problem?

    2-I´m noob on this kind of busines like Clickbank, CPA, promote products, etc. Do you think that I will manege to get trough?

    Thx again!

  4. Hi Joey thanks for your helpful comment to Lucas Bittencourt.
    Apparently one has to market a product by writing an article about it,—- what if I don’t find it easy to write something that will encourage another person to take some action?

    With FMF he says one can be up & away in 3 minutes what is he REALLY saying here?

    If I send $47 is he going to ask for more on “VITAL” upsell?
    Thanks a million for your comments.


  5. Hey, Lucas. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 The Free Money Formula is “newbie-friendly.” Philip is also very thorough. He really knows his stuff and takes you step-by-step through the entire process. In terms of your location, there are some programs that only allow U.S. traffic, but I know tons of international affiliates, including some of my mentors. I know affiliates from Europe, Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, and a ton from Latin America. Every major company has an affiliate program, nowadays. Clickbank even has products to promote in different languages besides English. You shouldn’t have any problems finding stuff to promote or getting paid. The only way to know for sure is to try it. If for some reason you do need to get a refund for Clickbank, I can instruct you on how to do that.

  6. Hey, David. First, you should know that nearly all the products on Clickbank have up-sells. That’s just a part of this business. I, however, have never purchased an up-sell. I just go for the main product. Whenever they ask if I want to add on some extras, I click on the “No thanks’ link at the bottom of the page. I have some across some products that offer really good up-sells. In my opinion, whether or not you purchase an up-sell depends on if it’s something you’re interested in and can get value from based on your personal skill level.

    Secondly, if you fear that writing is not your thing, Philip does provide you with a ton of Private Label Rights (PLR) content. PLR content is pre-written content that you can modify for your own personal use. They are like generic articles that you can add your own “twist” to. You will have to read through it and add the keywords you are trying to get ranked for and stuff. Philip provides you with a ton of PLR, there is a video specifically on how to use it as part of the overall process. You should be good.

  7. Hi,

    This is Akil and I am from India, will this work system work even in India and would i get the same amounts that your vedio really talks about.Very curious to know.

    Please explain.

    Please reply at your earliest convenience.



  8. Hey, Akil. I contacted one of my internet marketing friends who is an international affiliate, and here is what he told me. Clickbank always pays in USD, so international affiliates earn the same commissions for promoting products that those of us in the U.S.A. do. When it is time for you to get paid, Clickbank will either send you a check, wire transfer, or direct deposit (depending on your eligibility) in USD. Your local bank is responsible for converting the USD into local currency. It’s the same as when you travel outside of your home country and then have to go to the local bank in whatever foreign country you are in so you have spending money.

    In terms of how much money you can make from the course, that depends on how well you understand the concepts and materials and put them into practice.

  9. Hello, 1st let me tell you I’ve been researching reviews and results from this software. I’m sad to say of about 20 different reviewers I have posted a question to never responded. I am very happy to finally see someone who cares far beyond just a sale like yourself thank you for that, I will be trying this out through you based on that fact only. Let this be a lesson to any other marketers reading this people buy from people so when you don’t answer questions or ignore people you might as well give up because you don’t have the skills needed to be sucessful sorry.

    I’m not 100% sure what I will really be doing to see some cash roll in because with so many reviews on google and each just copying the sales page or having totally the wrong info its not surprising people have no clue before hand and are fustrated after purchasing. So I decided the only way to know forsure is to try it myself.

    Again thank you for helping people and andswering their questions for that alone3 sir you will help many and be rewarded for it. Have you applied this software yourself yet if so what results have you seen. I would post that if you have that is what people out here are really searching for as you well know.

    Thanks again

  10. Well I did go ahead and purchase free money formula via your link shortly after visiting here. I went through all the content and found it worth the investment thus far. The only thing I want to make aware to everyone is getting into cpa networks isn’t as easy as clickbank. I do have an email into them regarding everything cpa networks ask during sign up like your company name your website etc. Since us new people to cpa don’t have any of this I emailed them to help me get passed this hurdle we will see what happens. However everything in this is good content for those with more experience will find some just a refresher. However the software itself seems very useful in speeding up the submission process versus having to submit every article manually.

    Basicly guys you find a cpa offer or clickbank product to push and you write articles he calls them money words, but there articles no matter what you call them. Now don’t panic I hate writing too, so there are other ways to make articles then doing them yourself. He does include 9000 articles you can spin into new fresh content. Which is the big sell of the software. Or you can buy other peoples articles in the niche your after and spin those for your own use. Finally you can hire out and have articles made for you by a 3rd party choice is yours.

    Now I just got this today and just went through the material and haven’t put it to work yet because as with anything there are steps to follow and you have to pick a product or cpa offer. So you have to apply to a cpa network and get in before you can start anything. As I mentioned I ran into a problem with the info they wanted that I didn’t know or have so I’m waiting for an email back. However clickbank I think you could get started the same day by picking a product and writing up an article and using the software to get it out into internet land in the hopes it goes everywhere.

    Also I don’t have all day to sit down and do all this in one sitting because like you I have kids and a wife lol so my plate is full. However with doing a little here and there I think it will return a profit. Be well advised though guys this won’t. Bring you anything without some effort on your part okay, you can minimize the work by paying a few bucks to have someone else write your articles if you don’t mind spending a little bit. Or like I said buy some and spin them with the software that is free money formula.

    Okay just wanted to update you all on my progress thus far have a good one. Thanks Joe for allowing me to join you in giving others more information.

  11. David,
    It is very hard for me to believe you are such a fast newbie.
    In five hours, you bought the Formula, obtained help for a web site, find out how to use the software (an read it), find the CPA hurdles, review 900 articles and having the time to write a post after going through the 20 blogs you mentioned.


  12. He might have some prior experience. The idea of being a “newbie” or whatever level you classify yourself as is subjective. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are brand new to internet marketing. Before I found a legitimate internet marketing training program, I tried to go at it alone for more than 6 months, and even though I did learn some things, I wasn’t able to put all the pieces together on my own, and there were a lot of gaps in my knowledge. In terms of FMF, it’s not one of those long, drawn-out courses that takes forever to go through, either. Philip is very straight forward and thorough. It’s not a “fluff” course.

  13. Hello again joe! I tried that Automated Profit Package from Tim Carlson. It was only $4.95. I had to create a free website (but to get another one would have to pay $97.95 and become PRO) after that I had to get customers puting my website on the internet (google, MSN, yahoo, etc… for $49.95) and stoped after that! See how much I would have to pay? I didn´t of course!
    What do you think about that? Does FMF have something like this?
    I pay for the software and the there are some stuf that is not included?

    Thanks again for all your suport buddy!

  14. Lucas, I did not know how lost you were until now. I just sent you a e-mail from my personal account entitled “Automated Profit Package Blog Comment/Stop the Madness!” You might need to check your spam folder. I want you to read every single word of it. 🙂

  15. Hey Joe! Don´t worry man! I didn´t buy anything from that. I was just sneaking arround to ask you about it latter. And Thank you very much for you careness. I red it all and will study hard to be a good businessman. I hope not to bother you too much but I will mail you when I have some doubt, hehehe!
    Thx again friend 🙂

  16. Freemoney formula program

    I purchased this program 4 weeks ago and although I have apparently done everything correctly the SUBMIT button to send out my article is not working.
    Any ideas or help on this appreciated.
    SUPPORT is not replying to my emails and other contacts say the say thing that their emails are not replied to either !!
    Looking forward to any replies

  17. Hey, Garry. I had initially given FMF a good review because I had seen the quality of the videos and the method used. Then, when people started telling me about the problems they were having, I tried to contact his staff myself, but they did respond to me, either. Since then, I have changed my recommendation and declared it a scam and recommend you get a refund from Clickbank. There should be a link in the e-mail that Clickbank sent to you when you first made the purchase. Let me know if you have trouble with the refund process. Now, I am recommending, CPA Instruments instead–a CPA program that doesn’t require crappy software and provides much better customer service. You might want to check it out.

  18. I’ve had problems with the submit button and the article spinner. The spinner is supposed to create 10 unique articles based on the original, this according to phillip’s sidekick, Chris. Instead, it just copies the original word for word. I’ve e-mailed support and at first they responded promptly and told me they were working on the issue and an update would be available in a few days. I downloaded and installed the update. Nothing changed. Still the same problems. Since then, I’ve e-mailed support 3 times in the past seven days, with no response. Its as if they’ve disappeared from the face of the earth. Also, if Phillip’s software is so good, why am I being bombarded by his e-mails to purchase other peoples software? I feel like all he’s doing is adding to his e-mail list, so he can make money selling his and other peoples shoddy software. It’s sad that during these difficult times, people like him are taking advantage of those who aren’t even trying to get rich, just find a way to pay their bills.Just a quick update. Support finally got back to me, it was actually later that day I did my first post somewhere else. They told me they had developed the software for a 32 bit system, so anyone running on 64 was having problems. They also said windows 7 was causing problems. Is it just me? I thought windows 7 and 64 bit systems had been around for awhile. Anyway, they claimed to have ironed out all the bugs. They told me to download the newest update, which was still the March 5th one, Then re-install the original software. If that didn’t work, then somethings wrong with my computer, not their software. Well that didn’t work. I hate to give up, but I’m going to ask for my money back. I’ve tried so many systems and haven’t made any money. Oh yeah, I got an e-mail from Phillip Monsour, saying he was going to start coaching calls or webinars. I forget which. I clicked on the link, thinking maybe he would help clear things up. I should have known better. To participate, you had to pay a onetime lifetime fee of $497.00. No thanks. Maybe if he’d proven to me his products could make me money, I’d be willing to pay the money, if I actually had it.
    Suckered again I guess.

  19. Hi Joey…Thanks or all your help and advices:
    @Scott, I have been going through the very same issues… How long does it take for clickbank to refund ones money back. The money was seriously the last I had in my bank account 🙁

  20. Yeah, it took about two days to get my money back. Just remember not to procrastinate. I’ve bought several crappy programs, that I forgot about and the money back guarantee ran out. Clickbank is pretty about getting your money back.

  21. Hi there,
    I just recently bought the FMF program. My friend and her husband have been doing it and following it for the last month and have gotten outstanding results from it.
    Me on the other hand have run into some problems with the program. I tried getting a hold of my friend but they are currently taking a month vacation out of the country.
    I need someones help because I’m either missing a step and/or just not understanding. The article submission profile drop box doesnt give me the option the create a new profile…and how do I get my URL meaning affilite link?? Can someone please please help me.

    Thanking you and awaing any help or advise I can get.

  22. Hey, Nanny. I’m sorry to tell you, but FMF is a scam. The article submitter nor the the article spinner function properly. If you are looking to learn more about CPA marketing, I recommend that you check out CPA Instruments. It’s a solid program, and you don’t have to deal with software. Also, if you need to get a refund for the FMF, I detailed how you can go about doing so in one of my latest blog post, which you can read by clicking the link: How to Get a Clickbank Refund

  23. I was going to say the same thing as written in “Is the Free Money Formula a Scam?” Yes it is. The software has not been developed as per the claims of the two owners. The spinner doesn’t work, the “submit” button doesn’t work, and the videos don’t upload if you purchased the “Private Coaching.” I received a message from YouTube that every video I created was “Not Permitted.” Neither of the two programs work. Everyone should ask for their money back. There is no response from “support” desk. I wasted a lot of time on this. Don’t fall into the same “trap” I did. Alan

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