Nadine Jems Affiliate Cash Clone Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Affiliate Cash Clone system?

Affiliate Cash Clone is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Nadine Jems (along with her mentor Jani G).  With Nadine Jems Affiliate Cash Clone, you learn how to bank quick money online by leverage the power of both Google Hot Trends as well as Yahoo Buzz.  When you know something is hot and have the knowledge and skills to put yourself in front of the crowd and can figure out a way to make money from that traffic (Nadine teaches 3 ways), you’re golden.  You don’t need to have a website, your own product, or list to make this program work for you.  It also makes use of totally free traffic, and you can have your first Affiliate Cash Clone site up and running in about an hour and potentially be making money the same day.

Is the Affiliate Cash Clone system a scam?

I’m sorry to report that the Affiliate Cash Clone system is a scam.  Affiliate Cash Clone has several problems with it that will prevent the newbie marketer from achieving his or her desired results like the sales page claims.  Firstly, the program is incomplete.  There are literally videos missing that have not been uploaded yet.  The accompanying e-book is only 18 pages and seems unfinished  Although the method that Nadine and her mentor teach is legitimate and they tell you what to do, they don’t actually show you how to do it.  Crucial components of the overall internet marketing process are glossed over as well–like how to write content that converts into sales or how to outsource it if you don’t want to write it yourself.  There is also very little information on how to get traffic and nothing on how to find products. 

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of investing your hard-earned money on Nadine Jems’ Affiliate Cash Clone and having to wait around a refund like me (Yeah, I actually bought it), I recommend you check out the Ultimate Cash Blueprint by Melford and Concetta Bibens.  Whereas the Affiliate Cash Clone only provides you with pieces of the puzzle that is internet marketing, the Ultimate Cash Blueprint gives you the whole picture from start to finish so that you learn how to build a real online business that generates residual income.  You do the work once and continue to get paid.  You not only learn what to do, but Melford and Concetta show you how to do it!  The best part is you can be up and running and making money in 30 days or less!  Click the link below to learn more about Ultimate Cash Blueprint.

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4 thoughts on “Nadine Jems Affiliate Cash Clone Review – Is It a Scam

  1. Yeah Joey, I checked this out and your review of Affiliate Cash Clone is right on target.

    This could have been worth something if they’d taken the time to put it together properly, instead it seems as if it was rushed – one of the videos was done on May 27th – couple days before launch and there are tonnes of spelling mistakes.

    Not only did they leave out crucial details but the little information they presented is full of misinformation. Like how he pointed out the blogs that are listed below the trend information are getting major traffic. May well be true but the only place he should have shows was the first page of Google.

    The more I think about it, I feel like they probably just thought about the topic and did some quick research on it and presented it as a product. Poor research and poor presentation.

    Affiliate Cash Clone is not worth the money they’re asking for – these guys need to go back to the drawing board with that. It’s a legit method (that I’ve used to make as much as $1500/day with) so it can be done.


  2. I noticed the thing about the date, too. The thing that surprises me most is that I thought that Jani would help Nadine put out a better product being that she is his woman, and her cares for her. It’s really kind-of sad.

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