William Bradford Plan B Profits Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Plan B Profits system?

Plan B Profits is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by William Bradford.  With his Plan B Profits, William claims that he can teach the newbie marketer how to generate upwards of 40,000 per month by using the professional websites he sets you up with that pull in traffic for you from the number one social media site, Facebook for free in conjunction with affiliate marketing.  Because of this, there’s no need for the search engines, paid advertising, or adsense.  Basically, it’s about using Facebook and stuff to build a list of buyers to market to over and over again.  Having a list is how so many of the “gurus” bring in such large amounts of money in such a short period of time.

Is the Plan B Profits system a scam?

I’m sorry to inform you that William Bradford’s Plan B Profits system is a scam.  It’s a piece of crap, and here’s why.  Although Facebook is one way to get traffic to your site, all Plan B Profits teaches you to do is spam people, which will get your account blocked.  The easiest way to get targeted visitors on your list is to get them via the search engines.  Lots of people who visit your site will sign up to your list without doing anything.  Unfortunately, Plan B Profits doesn’t arm you with the necessary skills to do things like get ranked and get free traffic because the sites it creates are low quality and won’t even rank.  Mr. Bradford also doesn’t teach you how to do proper e-mail marketing.  Even worse is the fact that the software required to make the program work is an up-sell (more money).

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of sinking your hard-earned money into William Bradford’s Plan B Profits system — one specifically designed for you to fail, I recommend Google Sniper 3 (NEW for 2015) by George Brown.  It’s all about acquiring knowledge and skills that you can use to build websites that enable you to generate residual income from search engines and multiple income streams (from list building and more).  It’s loaded with hours of quality video content (no fake software), and the main course is all you need to make it work for you.  It comes with top-noche support as well.  Click the link below to learn more.

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13 thoughts on “William Bradford Plan B Profits Review – Is It a Scam

  1. Hey, Lloyd. Unstoppable Affiliate is specifically-designed for the newbie marketer with little to no experience. You learn everything from the ground up, step-by-step. Andrew and Josh are really good teachers. They are very through and detail-oriented, which is how I like it.


  2. Hi Joey: I attempted to try this program. After a three day “platinum” trial period, I decided to purchase it. It has taken 16 emails trying to get them to transition the free trial to a paid version. I sent them my documentation from PayPal. They are the stupidest “support” and “technical” people I have ever encountered. After 16 emails, as mentioned above, to get them to unlock the paid account, I surrendered. Every attempt was met by a marketing video to upsell you to their monthly, very expensive, services, plus there were additional charges for videos, etc. This is one of the most dishonest, very much indeed designed for you to fail. The support people at Plan B Profits made sure of that. I got a full refund the next day. DO NOT BUY INTO PLAN B PROFITS. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO DEAL WITH AND IN MY OPINION DESIGNED TO HELP YOU FAIL WHILE THEY RIP YOU OFF OF MORE AND MORE CASH WHILE GENERATING NOTHING.

  3. As Plan B professes that this William Bradford is the most successful internet marketing guru, I decided to Google him and was amazed that nothing comes up at all. I am surprised that such a marketing guru does not get his name “out there” to support his business. That sparked alarm bells for me and now I have found this site ! I´m very disappointed because I was so looking forward to starting this type of business.

  4. Hey, Nessy. I know this online journey can be frustrating with all the crap out there. For a legitimate business model and program, I suggest you check out my recommendation, Unstoppable Affiliate. It uses a business model based on real business principles that has been around for more than a decade and a methodology that has become standard for those looking to make money online. More importantly, the guys who created have a long-standing reputations for putting out quality stuff and practice what they preach.


  5. I will give Unstoppable Affiliate a go and let you know how I get on with it. Thanks for the advice. I also like the look of the other one you mention – George Brown´s Traffic Ultimatum. Would I be right in thinking that this would come in after I get underway using Unstoppable Affiliate? You can tell I´m new to this can´t you ! Hate that !! Thanks again,



  6. Hey, Nessy. You’ve made a good decision. Once you purchase Unstoppable Affiliate, you don’t need to worry about purchasing another program. Just go through it step-by-step, and you will be good.


  7. Joey,
    Thanks a bunch for your honesty on this one. I came across his promo with the Atlanta lady and both sound so hokey to me that I was skeptical. I googled Plan B and I think your review is the only one that calls the scam what it is. Boy, the internet really needs to clean itself up and clear out these losers and thieves, so the hungry ones out there can find the honest ones and get to work!
    Much appreciated,

  8. I received an email today about this Plan B profits.. I went to the website to hear the video.. no i didn’t sign up instead when i tried to exit another page came up.. instead of $49 Now its was $39.. i closed that and brought me to a 3 day trial.. still not interested.. i knew something was not right which brought me to your page here.. thanks for the advice guys.. like you i am watching for these guy’s that try and don’t deliver empty promises..


  9. Hey, JR. If you looking for the real deal, make sure to check out my personal recommendation, Unstoppable Affiliate.


  10. Plan B Profit’s a real scam. I experienced it myself and here are some points to point out:

    (1) The squeeze pages that are claimed to be well-converting are not even set up properly, with a lot of spelling errors and ugly format inside.

    (2) The support team is helpless. When I asked them about the page formatting they ask me to do some steps that is unable to carry out because the so-called “button” is not there to choose. All in all, they can not solve the problems at all.

    (3) Bradford claims that he “partner” with Bidvertiser to give “PlanB Profit members” $20 free click. But everyone knows that Bidvertiser offers $20 free click for every new registrant! What a lie!

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