Russell Brunson Underachiever Secrets Review – Is It a Scam

Attention: Underachiever Secrets is no longer available for purchase! For similar alternative, see Clickbank University!

What is the Underachiever Secrets system?

Underachiever Secrets is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by renowned internet marketer and businessman Russell Brunson (20-Minute Payday/DotComSecrets).  Underachiever Secrets aims to teach the novice marketer how to enjoy a residual, full-time income by turning your passion into a thriving online business using small, one to two-page sites outside of the “make money” niche to promote your own product–no list required.  The system works regardless if you want to create a digital or physical product.  The Underachiever system was created with everyday working people in mind and can be done part-time.

Is the Underachiever Secrets system a scam?

The Underachiever Secrets system is not a scam scam or “make money” scheme.  Russell Brunson has been making money online for more than 8 years and got much of his experience through trial and error, so he doesn’t try to feed you bull about how his Underachiever Secrets will make you rich overnight.  He’s all about realistic expectations and giving you the tools you need to succeed.  The expectation is for you to have your first “Underachiever” site up and running within 30 days.  Once you have your first site up and running, you can pump your next site out faster and replicate your success until your meet your personal income goals.

How does the Underachiever Secrets system work?

Underachiever Secrets is divided into 2 parts and consist of more than 6 hours of live video training from the “Underachiever” workshop where you see Russell build  site live.  You also get the Underachiever e-book, which guides you through how to set up your first site within the first month in text format.  In addition, you receive the Underachiever workbook, which details a member’s notes of the live event as it happened.  You also get 6 mind maps to help you stay organized, 3 pieces of software to help you automate the process, bonuses and support.  Here’s a sample of what you learn within the Underachiever Secret system:

*How to find hot markets

*The 5 keys to determining what people will buy

*The 7 keys to internet selling

*How to create your own product

*The special technique to cut your product cost

*How to cut down the time it takes to complete your project

*How to set up your site

*How to get ranked on the first page of Google

*How to get Free traffic…and a lot more

If you’re tired of all the schemes, lies, and “pie-in-the-sky” promises being sold to you, which ultimately lead to nothing more than an empty wallet and are ready to learn to make real money online based on a legitimate business module and one that teaches you how to make money from doing something you already love to do, you need look no further than Russell Brunson’s Underachiever Secrets.  His Underachiever Secrets system is not a scam and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  I hope you have found this Underachiever Secrets review helpful and invite those who are ready to get down to business to click the link below.

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