Deadbeat Super Affiliate is outdated!  For an up-to-date alternative, see Google Sniper 3 (for 2015)!

What is the Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is  a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Dan Brock.  The Deadbeat Super Affiliate claims to be able to teach you how to generate a residual, full-time income by promoting Amazon and physical products via the power of the almighty WordPress blog in order to get ranked in the search engines and get free traffic and other methods as well.  The Deadbeat Super Affiliate is specifically designed for those who have little to no experience making money online.  However, it can also be used by more advanced marketers in order to create a second income stream.

Is the Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam?

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam or “get rich quick scheme.”  Dan doesn’t promise that you are going to be making thousands overnight and all that mess you usually hear about when it comes to making money online.  Dan provides you with a systematic blueprint for making money promoting real products.  Along the way, he provides you with real-time proof of his earnings.  You actually see him log into his accounts, which can’t be faked.  He also let’s you know from jump that you have to put in the work to see results.  Once you get the methodology down, you can get it done pretty quickly.

How does the Deadbeat Super Affiliate work?

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate is divided into 3 main sections: basic training, advanced, and list training.  There are 24 videos in the basic training section alone, so there’s a vast amount of content.  For those who are not so much into video, Dan provides a synopsis in written format as well.  The Deadbeat Super Affiliate comes with bonuses from a top and support as well.  Here is a overview of just some of the stuff you will learn once you get inside the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program:

*Learn how to find profitable niche markets

*Learn which products you should promote within your chosen market

*Learn how to set up your WordPress site

*Learn how to get ranked on the first page of Google

*Learn how to create content with the Google Proof Product Review Formula

*Learn how to translate your pages into different languages to boost your sales

*Learn how to build a list and do e-mail marketing
*Learn how to build an authority site…and a lot more

Whether you are new to making money online or perhaps a more seasoned marketer who is looking to build a second income stream, promoting physical products, especially those from one of the world’s most trusted online retailers like Amazon is a great way to go.  Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate teaches you how to do this and more.  Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam and even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. I hope you have found my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review to be of use in deciding whether or not it’s your thing.  If so, I invite you to click the link below to get it.