Wayne Dryer Commission Conspiracy Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Commission Conspiracy software?
Commission Conspiracy is a video-based internet marketing training and software program by Wayne Dryer.  By using his training and its related software, Wayne claims that he can teach even the greenest of newbies how to generate more than $20,000 per day by getting connected to the Empire Network software, so that it can build you a complete online business in just five minutes with just five clicks of your mouse.  Wayne continues on to say that this model is based on membership sites, so that you’re able to get paid on a continual basis and that it works with various merchants like Clickbank, Paypal and Clicksure and that you only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to it.  Mr. Dryer claims that Commission Conspiracy does all the hard work (like finding niches, product building…) for you.

Is the Commission Conspiracy software a scam?
Commission Conspiracy software and system is a total scam and load of crap that offers no real value.  When you first log in, you are met by 3 up-sells (a “webinar” to pitch more products to you, “coaching” to get even more of your hard-earned money, and a “free” website that’s not really free – even more money) that Wayne claims that you need to make the course work.  This doesn’t include the other products they try to get you to spend your money on (more scammy IM products).  He then tells you that the actual training and software are located in the Empire Network Profits Center, but when you click on it, you’re re-directed to the same introductory video you watched and the same up-sells as when you logged in!  There’s not actual training or software in the member’s area!

My Personal Recommendation
Rather than forking over what little money you do have on Wayne Dryer’s Commission Conspiracy program — a sub-standard product that was designed to do nothing more than to take advantage of the struggling marketer and get every dime out of you possible while, at the same time, leaving you with nothing but an empty wallet or purse, I encourage you to take a look at Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a step-by-step course that shows you a legitimate model on how you can finally start generating real affiliate commissions and building an online business (earning money from emerging products/launches and hot trends in around 30 days).  It’s taught by a really honest dude that really “walks the walk” via live examples.  Click the link below for more.

Get More Details on Work From No Home Here

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