What is Commission Coverup software?

Commission Coverup is a video-oriented, internet marketing training and software course by Ryan Ramsey and Alan Magliocca (the actual dude behind-the-scenes).  With is system and its associated software, Ryan claims that he will expose a totally hidden, 3-part traffic glitch that’s more popular than Google, Facebook, and mobile combined and continues to say that anyone can use to generate anywhere between $1,000 – $3,000 per day after setting it up in about half an hour and by doing it just one time.  He also claims the traffic source is free and requires no investment to get started.  You just have to pick a market and follow the method.  The Commission Coverup system is making money using niche sites (written around a particular topic like weight loss).

Is Commission Coverup software a scam?

Regrettably, the Commission Coverup program and it’s related software is a scam.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  While this course is about creating a blog site, Ryan never actually teaches you how to write content for your site.  Instead, he recommends using a piece of content-generation software that has proven to have devastating effects on your sites as it steals already-published content and incorporates it into your sites — a big “no, no” in the eyes of the search engines that will cause your site to get flagged.  Furthermore, Commission Coverup doesn’t teach you to get ranked in the search engines at all but instead suggest paid traffic sources that cost an arm and a leg and bring in low-quality traffic that doesn’t convert into sales.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting your trust in a faceless, paid spokesman (one Ryan Ramsey) and investing your hard-earned money into a product that teaches you flawed tactics that will leave you stuck like a fresh fish stuck to the pavement on a hot summer day with nothing to show for it, I recommend you take a look at Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown.  It’s a up-to-date (for 2015) and comprehensive course that teaches the most common and sound business model for generating real affiliate commissions in the shortest time possible (often used to promote product launches in various niches and hot trends).  Perhaps most crucial is that you’ll be taught by a real-life, ethical marketer that’s not embarrassed to show his face .  Click the link below for more.

Find Out More About Google Sniper 3.0 Here