Jimmy Kim Easy Profit Bot System Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Easy Profit Bot system?

Easy Profit Bot is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program and the brain child of one Jimmy Kim (business partner of famed internet marketer Anik Singal) launching on September 21.  The end goal of Jimmy’s program is to enable the budding internet marketer to be able to generate up to thousands per day (over time) and passively via the implementation of his Easy Profit Bot course and its associated software in as few as five, simple steps while only working about 30 minutes per day.  He also claims that you don’t need your own product, technical experience, an existing list or content, social media or paid advertising, and that it’s so simple to work that you, the novice, can make it work all on your own — just by following along with his system.

Is the Easy Profit Bot system a scam?

I’m sorry to inform you that Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot software program is a scam.  This is why: Even though the method behind his program is one recommend by nearly all who make money online–making money with WordPress blogs and affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission on every sale made), his system has major problems.  He doesn’t teach you how to write or outsource unique, quality content, which is a must to get ranked in the search engines.  Instead, his software pulls already existing content from the web  — search engines view this as “stealing” once something is already published.  He also provides you with pre-written content that everyone who purchases his Easy Profit Bot course will get (thousands of people – saturation and duplicate content).  He also doesn’t teach you how to get traffic — without it, you won’t make any money.

My Personal Recommendation

Making money online with niche blogs using WordPress is a great way to generate legitimate, sustainable online income, but you have learn how to do things the right way so that you can take advantage of all they offer.  Instead of wasting your money on Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot software program and having to wait in line for a refund, I recommend Google Sniper 3 by George Brown (new for 2015).  He has a very solid reputation and is known for putting out quality products.  They use a straightforward and realistic approach to teach you everything you need to know–without all the bull–so you can get up and running ASAP.  Click the link below to learn more about what it can do for you.

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