I was really looking forward to February.  I thought some of my sites might take off because of the niches they are in.  Shockingly, that did not happen.  In fact, the traffic didn’t change from what it usually is — not much.  Even though the products I promote on those sites are good quality, I guess they just aren’t that popular, anymore.  It’s disappointing, but I get it.  The products have been out for a few years.  I think I am just going to let them go when time comes up for renewal.

What else is there…?  Oh, I learned a bit more about the secure-site issue.  From what I have gathered, the online entrepreneurs that are like product creators/vendors/merchants – sites where people directly buy things and put in their payment information and such.  The reason I say I “gathered” this is because none of the high-profile marketers that I follow that just have affiliate sites (make way more money than me) haven’t bothered to “secure” their sites.  I’m wondering if I should look up how it’s done – don’t even know if it’s free or something you pay to have done.

Oh, my commissions on the JVZoo platform are slowly but surely picking up.  One thing I like about it is that the product creators — at least the ones I’ve been approved by — seem to be really into back-end promotion.  Apparently, once you’ve been approved to promote one product creator’s product, you can earn commission for other products the creator promotes — as long as they got there through originally clicking on your affiliate link — kind of like Amazon.  Well, that’s all for now….

Yours in online success…

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