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Rob Benwell of Blogging to the Bank is a Jerk!

If you have been doing internet marketing for a while, I am sure you have heard of Rob Benwell, creator of Blogging to the Bank.  For those of you looking to make money blogging, I find it to be quite a good resource, and in times past have promoted it.  Well, recently, I think Rob must have fallen and bumped his head…!

For some strange reason, Rob not only been putting out less than stellar products such as his latest release called Auto Blog System X.  I have actually reviewed it on my blog and recommend that you stay away.  In my Auto Blog System X review, I also offer up a legitimate recommendation as to not leave you hanging in the wind.  Here’s what he did to piss me off

For those of us who have been promoting blogging to the Bank, he has caused all of our links that are supposed to be promoting blogging to the bank be redirected to promote his latest product Auto Blog System X!  To Make matters worse, he did this without telling us.  I found out through another internet marketing friend of mine and didn’t realize it until I check my own links!  How screwed up is that?!?