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Free Forever Affiliate Strategy Guide From Andrew Hansen


Update – Forever Affiliate is Live – Click Link Below for Full Review!


Hey, guys and gals.  Today, I want to introduce you to a forthcoming product  that’s launching February 19th by one Andrew Hansen called Forever Affiliate.  In addition, you’ll also be able to download a free copy of his Forever Affiliate strategy guide, so that you can learn more about the course before it launches as well as be put on the notification list.  I will of course be providing a review once it’s live.  Before I get into all of that, I want to tell you a bit about Andrew.

I first heard about Andrew Hansen through a mentor of mine about a year and a half or two years ago.  When I was first getting to know him, I was rather taken aback because he wasn’t like the typical IM guru.  For starters, he’s a real person (not a paid actor) that uses his real image.  I would later come to find out that he had years of experience and actually does what he teaches (and teaches his courses himself).  Finally, he doesn’t participate in all the typical guru/behind-the-scenes crap – I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.  People that promote his stuff respect him as a person, marketer, and have had success with his products.

As for what his Forever Affiliate course teaches, it’s a video-oriented course (heard there will be about 60 videos or so) that’s all about what he does to make money with affiliate sites in 2013 — from start to finish.  His last product launch also had written text and other goodies as well, so I’m expecting that he will use the same format.  As for how you can get your free Forever Affiliate strategy guide and watch a free video to learn more about the course and well as be notified when it goes live, click the link below.

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