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Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 1

I’m back with part 1 of my Work From No Home case study.  When you first log in, you’re greeted by an introductory video.  The navigation is pretty simple and standard.  There are tabs across the top that allow you to access the various sections of the course as well as some written text, where Peng just talks about the course and provides you with a clickable list of the things you will be learning.  This list is also off to the right-hand side of the screen under the “pages” section.

One of the cool things about Work From No Home is that it comes with a 30-day action plan in addition to the various modules.  You could go through the watch the videos and read the entire course before you get started on the action plan, but I think I am going to do a module and then do all of the corresponding sections of the 30-day action plan.  I think I will progress much faster that way.  Each day within the plan has a title, so it’s pretty easy to figure out.

The first module is about picking which niche market you want to go into and such.  A niche market is a group of people who have some kind of problem and are willing to pay for a solution.  Peng gives you a couple examples within the introductory video to this section like gardening, fishing, gaming, working from home, etc.  He also mentions thinking about your hobbies and passions as a starting point and finding hot trends.  This section covers days 1 and 2 of the action plan, respectively.

In the introductory video for finding hot trends, Peng gives you an example of a product that’s coming out at the time of the video was recorded (in the gaming niche) as well as tells you how you can find out about what products are coming out in the internet marketing niche.  I use this site myself, but I won’t recommend you go into the IM niche until you’ve had some success with an internet marketing product on a site outside of the internet marketing niche (like Work From No Home).  It’s the only way for you to learn what’s real and what’s a scam.  He also talks about two sites you need to know about.

After the video is over and you continue with the text portion, Peng discusses why his overall method works — in spite of the changes that Google and the other search engines make to their algorithms.  He also talks about the value that the search engines place on  quality content nowadays in comparision to the days long gone.  Pay attention to this.  He talks more about his “Launch Leverage Formula” and gives another detailed example in the gaming niche and one with a physical product.  I really appreciate that he has stuff to show outside of the IM niche.

After the “finding a hot trend” section, I still haven’t thought of a niche or anything, so I move on to the “what type of things to promote” section, where Joon talks about deciding on if you want to promote digital or physical products as well as a bit about “mini sites” (the focus of Work From No Home & what I’m doing) or larger niche authority sites (like this blog).  I’ve decided to go for a digital product because, due to experience, I know that a lot of companies that make physical products don’t like their brand names in URL’s and pay out much lower commission percentages than digital.

With all of this, I still don’t know what niche or product I want to go into, so I move over to day 1 of the 30-day action plan for some direction.  Basically, it says that I need to do some research (shocker, I know). 🙂  I’m just gonna go back and use the resources that Peng suggest and see what I come up with.  If, during my research, I use a site that Joon doesn’t mention, I will let you know, so that everyone can benefit.  I’ll let you know what I come up with in part 2.  Don’t forget that you can get Work From No Home anytime and follow along with me.

Yours in online success…