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Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 6

Welcome back to part 6 of my Work From No Home case study. Before I get started on where we left off, there are some things that I should tell you that I realized about the Work From No Home Process.  First, I thought WFNH was about creating and having success with one site within the time span of 30 days, but Peng actually encourages you to build 3 sites in this time as you should be able to build one of these sites in 7 to 10 days!

Now that I’m going through the process, this is totally possible.  Here’s why.  According to Peng’s plan, you start publishing your content on day 5, but you don’t put all of the content for your site at one time.  He tells you to “drip feed” it over like a week or two.  The time span over which you do this really depends on when your product actually launches, but you need to give your site some time to some time to “breath,” if that makes sense.  He also tells you that you might be able to rank with just one page of content (depending on the current competition), but you don’t want your site to be too thin.

During the course, Peng recommends that you have six pages of content per site.  In the “content” module, there’s a page, where he lays out what you should do on every page of your site, so you don’t have to wonder how you’re going to put the content together or something like that.  All this stuff goes to day 8 of the action plan.  After that, you’re supposed to review your rankings and stuff.  By day 10, you might be able to review your launch results.  He tells you should you should expect from your launch, but also says that this might not actually be day 10 for you.  My product has already launched but not yet peaked.

By day 11, he talks about starting your second site and outsourcing.  I have to tell you that I don’t actually plan to build 3 sites during this case study because I’m a slacker. 🙂  More immportantly, I want to wait to see the results from my first site, so that I can make adjustments.  I also don’t outsource stuff.  Not only am I cheap, but I prefer to do things myself.  Once you put up your first site, the daily action plan goals get shorter.  It’s more about aquiring knowledge and repeating stuff over again.  You shouldn’t skip these, though.  You’ll learn a lot.

Before I stop for the day, I want to talk about something I find odd about the course, but it might be something that will help you move through the course faster.  I’m referring to the fact that the “content,” “SEO,” and the “backlinking” modules are so separate.  I see these things as all part of the same process — getting seen in the search engines.  They kind of overlap, and I’ve kind of always done them at the same time.  For instance, I always install my plugins once I set up my site and am putting up my first content, but I had to go the SEO section for that.  See my point?

With that said, make sure you don’t skip anything, especially if you’re knew.  You’ll learn a ton of stuff in these knowledges and really increase your knowledge as a marketer.  This is the kind of stuff that you’ll be able to use over and over again — worth the price of the whole course.  In the “stand out techniques” section of the course, you learn about coversions and Google rankings – don’t skip this, a research tool that you can use (not necessary), and a few ways to get more traffic.  Whether or not I use some of these techniques will depend on where I land in the rankings and my overall results.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll notify you of any major happenings but really recommend that you check out Work From No Home for yourself.

Yours in online success…