Today, I want to talk about something that has been annoying me recently — the sad state of IM.  I’ll tell you what’s been frustrating me, why it has been doing so, and the provide you with some recommendations down below that will allow me to do my part in changing it.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t have to babysit my niece and nephew this summer (love them but Yay…LOL!)  This has given me more time to concentrate on doing more IM stuff.

Anyway. as I’ve been doing more reviews, I’ve been noticing something interesting but sad at the same time.  It’s that quality internet marketing products that actually provide you with real knowledge and enhance your overall skill set as marketers don’t seem to get their due while all the gurus back the crappy products that were designed to just suck you dry of your hard-earned money.  This causes a lot of confusion because lots of people write me and ask me about various products.

Nine of out 10 times, the product they ask me about is a scam, and when I not only tell them that it’s a scam but list all of the reasons this is true, they seem really disappointed and angry.  Well, today, I’m going to attempt to remedy that by providing you with a list of real business models and quality products that you can use to make real money.  As all of the models are legit and profitable, the one you choose just depends on what you’re into.  The one that will make you the most money is the one you like and stick with.  I also changed one of the recommendations for fun to showcase a different product.  Click the link below to get started.

Yours in online success…

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