What Kind of Blog Should I Make?

Today’s post was inspired by a question that I saw in a popular internet marketing forum.  In the guy’s original question, he asked if it was necessary to build a list when you have a blog.  If you don’t understand how the two are linked, you soon will.  First, you should know that the answer to his question is “no.”  The reason is because it depends on what the goal of your blog is.  I’m going to discuss the two perspectives and offer options for learning each.

There are two main approaches that you can take when it comes to blogging: a micro-niche site or building a larger, authority site.  Even though each uses a slight variation on the same business model, each has its pros and cons and are structured a bit differently.  You can either choose to do implement one or both of them.  I’m going to start with the most popular one at the moment: micro-niche sites, which I just recently got into.  cbengine (.com) is a good site to use with these.

Micro-niche sites are popular right now because they are how you generate fast, residual cash with a blog.  These types of sites also require less work (only about 6 to 15 pages of content), get ranked really quickly, and are written around one product.  While smaller, these sites still contain quality content that delivers value (product review and related articles).  It should also be noted that this model is most often used with product launches and trending topics.  List building is not a part of this strategy since visitors come looking for a specific item.  Click the link below to get started.

Generate Fast Cash with Micro-Niche Sites in 30 Days or Less!

Authority sites are Authority sites are larger in scope (consist of many product reviews and articles – like this blog), and as such, they tend to focus on things that people are passionate about.  While these sites take longer to rank, they are awesome because not only will they begin to out-rank your competitors with little more than a post over time, but this model uses list building, which acts as a second income stream.  You can also use them as a central location to promote all of your other online efforts (like selling your own products and more).  Click the link below to get started.

Generate Multiple Income Streams From One Blog!

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